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"Homme en Grande Bottes"
"Homme en Grande Bottes" Title
n.d. Period
37.2790 Accession
watercolor, drawing, creature, shoes, boots, nose, shadow Tags
Alexander Hewling
Alexander Hewling Title
ca. 1800 (?) Period
38.467 Accession
neck, nose, ivory, watercolor, miniature, man, portrait, face, memorials Tags
Ganesha Title
9th century Period
25.93 Accession
ganesha, fat, nose, elephant, stone, indian, sculpture, sandstone , headless, unusual Tags
Mask Title
ca. 600-300 BC (Late Formative) Period
29.4 Accession
big, nose, teotihuacan , mask Tags
Nose Ring with Oval Disc
Nose Ring with Oval Disc Title
700-1500 Period
57.361 Accession
gold, nose, ring, ornament, oval Tags