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Chest with Writing
Chest with Writing Title
ca. 1st century BCE (Ptolemaic-Roman) Period
61.271 Accession
sobek, crocodile, offering, god, deity, faiyum, fayyum, egypt, egyptian Tags
Sarcophagus for a Baboon
Sarcophagus for a Baboon Title
early 4th-late 1st century BCE (Late Period-Ptolemaic) Period
22.245 Accession
monkey, baboon, egyptian, wood, sculpture, coffin, mummy, offering, momias Tags
Statuette of an Indian Deity
Statuette of an Indian Deity Title
ca. 3rd century BC (pre-Mauryan) Period
25.52 Accession
sandy, hinton, terracotta, female, figurine, indian, deity, indiandeity, offering, fertility, naturegoddesses, charsada, charsadda Tags
Votive Female Figurine
Votive Female Figurine Title
3rd-2nd century BCE Period
25.249 Accession
offering, votive, smvaw, reninstaw Tags