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"Axe god" Pendant
"Axe god" Pendant Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.118 Accession
jaeite, costarica, cool, good, jadeite, stone, carved, sculpture, axegod, pendant, jewelry, ornament, adornment, green, ancientamericas, centralamerica, ancient, ancientamerica, narwhals, wow, love Tags
Breast Ornament (?)
Breast Ornament (?) Title
7th century BCE (Orientalizing) Period
57.707 Accession
jewelry, ornament, etruscan, silver, heads, animals, pattern Tags
Nose Ring with Oval Disc
Nose Ring with Oval Disc Title
700-1500 Period
57.361 Accession
gold, nose, ring, ornament, oval Tags