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"Le Militaire"
"Le Militaire" Title
n.d. Period
37.2791 Accession
watercolor, paper, grace, 1870, cool, aww, military, commander, hat, plume, sword, caricature, uniform Tags
Book of Hours
Book of Hours Title
mid 15th century (before 1463) (Medieval) Period
W.322 Accession
ouch, combat, 37704, paper, binding Tags
Emperor Wearing a Toga
Emperor Wearing a Toga Title
1st century CE; Restored head: 18th century (Roman Imperial) Period
23.226 Accession
walking, teacher, resource, kit, ruler, toga, marble, missingarm, vidic, christian, ruby, shoes, old, stone, paper, roman, llama, alz525, smvaw Tags
Hermes Debates with 70 Greek Scholars
Hermes Debates with 70 Greek Scholars Title
923-924 AH/AD 1517-1518 Period
W.606.333B Accession
alexander, scholars, greek, debating, manuscript, painting, colorful, kneel , paper, people Tags
Krishna Kills Aghasura
Krishna Kills Aghasura Title
1675-1700 Period
W.890 Accession
pigment, paper, reptile Tags
The Angelus
The Angelus Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.903 Accession
angelus, jean, millet, conté, drawing, wove, paper, crayon, painting, peasant, chailly, couple, dead, death, work, labor, farm, farming, line, hashing, black, gray, shades, horizon, music Tags