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1814 Title
1862 Period
37.52 Accession
military, royalty, portrait, french, horse, creature, grace, aww, hope, dark, napoleon, shoes, clouds, storm, war, landscape, slouching, pale, bain, perilousfight, patterson Tags
Aged Herakles
Aged Herakles Title
Roman copy: 1st century BCE-1st century CE; Greek original: 3rd century BCE (Hellenistic-Roman Imperial) Period
54.764 Accession
hercules, bronze, shoes, perilousfight, yeye Tags
Armor for the Duke of Medina Sidonia
Armor for the Duke of Medina Sidonia Title
ca. 1590 Period
51.585 Accession
meninart, perilousfight, combatclothes Tags
Assemblage from a Warrior's Burial
Assemblage from a Warrior's Burial Title
6th century BCE (Archaic) Period
VO.106 (57.1944, 57.1945, 57.1946, 57.1947) Accession
greek, teacher, resource, kit, mask, losthero, perilousfight Tags
Athena with an Owl
Athena with an Owl Title
ca. 450 BC (Classical) Period
54.766 Accession
owl, woman, goddess, athena, war, japera, animal, losthero, loveandmarriage, perilousfight, smvaw Tags
Calyx Krater with a Departure Scene
Calyx Krater with a Departure Scene Title
470-460 BCE (Classical) Period
48.262 Accession
meninart, perilousfight, combatclothes, altamurapainter, classicalgreek, arthistory Tags
Head of King Amenhotep II with the "Blue Crown"
Head of King Amenhotep II with the "Blue Crown" Title
1427-1401 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
22.229 Accession
amehotep, perilousfight Tags
Illyrian-Type Helmet
Illyrian-Type Helmet Title
6th century BCE (Archaic) Period
54.2456 Accession
green, teacher, resource, kit, helmet, trojan, losthero, perilousfight, combatclothes Tags
In the Trenches
In the Trenches Title
1874 Period
37.118 Accession
war, men, soldiers, snow, winter, death, guns, battle, resturant, perilousfight Tags
Military Courage
Military Courage Title
modeled 1876 Period
27.585 Accession
military, bronze, sculpture, man, meninart, perilousfight Tags
Portrait of Prince Rupert
Portrait of Prince Rupert Title
ca. 1667 (Baroque) Period
37.1212 Accession
charles, uncle, prince, rupert, grandfather, pope, shoes, perilousfight, strikeapose, baroque Tags
Scipio Africanus Freeing Massiva
Scipio Africanus Freeing Massiva Title
1719-1721 (Baroque) Period
37.657 Accession
postcards, from, walters, scipio, numidia, massiva, roman, encountering, perilousfight, strikeapose, scale, algeria Tags
The Attack at Dawn
The Attack at Dawn Title
1877 Period
37.40 Accession
military, ouch, winter, chilly, codl, truculence, perilousfight Tags
The Picket
The Picket Title
1875 Period
37.92 Accession
creature, military, perilousfight Tags
The Triumph of Titus: AD 71, The Flavians
The Triumph of Titus: AD 71, The Flavians Title
1885 Period
37.31 Accession
walking, rome, toga, emperor, jerusalem, neoclassical, candelabra, old, past, claudius, perilousfight, menorah Tags
War Title
1872 Period
37.124 Accession
century, allegory, baby, belgium, blood, child, coins, dog, gun, painting, war, peace, woman, creepy, sad, perilousfight, mother, death, uglybaby, notallbabies, disease Tags