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"Mihrab" Plaque
"Mihrab" Plaque Title
1276-1277 (Medieval) Period
48.1310 Accession
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Book of Kings (Shahnama)
Book of Kings (Shahnama) Title
1028 AH/AD 1618-1619 (Qajar) Period
W.602 Accession
combat, persia, iran Tags
Five Poems (Quintet)
Five Poems (Quintet) Title
922 AH/AD 1516 (Safavid) Period
W.609 Accession
babur, iran, persia Tags
Marvels of the World
Marvels of the World Title
1022 AH/AD 1613 (Safavid) Period
W.652 Accession
iran, persia Tags
Selection of Poems
Selection of Poems Title
899 AH/AD 1493-1494 (Timurid) Period
W.641 Accession
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