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Crocodile Effigy Lime Dipper
Crocodile Effigy Lime Dipper Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.84 Accession
creature, panama, southamerica, ancient, americas, gold, tool, pin, lime, dipper, jewelry, metal Tags
Eagle Stick Pin
Eagle Stick Pin Title
1870-1910 Period
57.1109 Accession
american, eagle, pin, silver, gold, jewelry, creature Tags
Hat Pin with Scarabs
Hat Pin with Scarabs Title
ca. 1912 Period
47.729 Accession
jewelry, pin, glass, lalique Tags
Necklace Title
mid 6th-7th century (Early Medieval) Period
47.596 Accession
wow, pin, jewelr, jewelry Tags
Pin with Winged Monster
Pin with Winged Monster Title
8th-7th century BCE (Iron Age) Period
54.2581 Accession
creature, luristan, bronze, pin, iran Tags