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Amphora with Funerary Scenes
Amphora with Funerary Scenes Title
720-710 BCE (Late Geometric) Period
48.2231 Accession
greek, funerary, teacher, resource, kit, pottery, skullsandbones, awesome, ancientgreek, geometric, savethelome, combatclothes Tags
Amphora with Musical Scene
Amphora with Musical Scene Title
460-450 BCE (Classical) Period
48.2712 Accession
dionysus, greek, music, domestic, niobid, pottery, athens, women, amphora, re-figure, red-figure, italianpaintings, italian, barbiton, losthero, maenads, classical, severe, smvaw Tags
Bell-shaped Amulet
Bell-shaped Amulet Title
19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
49.1203 Accession
ang, pottery Tags
Faience Bowl
Faience Bowl Title
1550-1450 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
48.451 Accession
teacher, resource, kit, glaze, blue, pottery, faience, egypt, underfire, sdesmv Tags
Fikellura Amphora
Fikellura Amphora Title
ca. 540 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.2114 Accession
pottery, amphora Tags