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"Lotus-Petal" Vase
"Lotus-Petal" Vase Title
1710-1722 Period
49.498 Accession
shiny, red, creator Tags
A Cook
A Cook Title
1862 Period
37.1505 Accession
watercolor, eating, food, cook, woman, red, apron, knife, kitchen, copper, basket, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, leek, turnip Tags
An Ecclesiastic
An Ecclesiastic Title
ca.1874 Period
37.150 Accession
elder, man, portrait, red, birds, spanish, catalan, retratos, phonewallpapers Tags
Book of Hours
Book of Hours Title
late 15th century (Renaissance) Period
W.295 Accession
pray, baby, donkey, red, nativity Tags
Book on Navigation
Book on Navigation Title
late 11th century AH/AD 17th century-early 12th century AH/AD 18th century (Ottoman) Period
W.658 Accession
sicily, rhodes, pasman, otranto, sea, mediterranean, marseille, grenada, ancona, cairo, messina, zadar, sardinia, catanzaro, trieste, ferrara, moroccan, genoa, libya, ottoman, portugal, granada, kurdistan, lemnos, iskenderun, genicke, kalymnos, romanius, istanbul, algiers, malta, corfu, paxoi, kea, alanya, tripoli, psara, alger, pola, cerigo, kythara, peschici, mountathos, egypt, red, dead, gibraltar, linish, morocco, kelibia, crete, veglia, hamam, leukada, france, piri, lanciano, bisceglieitaly Tags
Feasting Scene
Feasting Scene Title
300 BC-AD 300 (Protoclassic) Period
48.2768 Accession
carved, feast, red, earthenware, ceremonial, slip, chief, ancient, protoclassic, 300bce, southamerica, figure, sculpture, pre-columbian, funerary, jalisco, mexico, clay, ceramics, ceramic Tags
Four Leaves from a Shahnama
Four Leaves from a Shahnama Title
741 AH/AD 1341 Period
W.677 Accession
combat, armor, painting, red, weapon, soldier, people, horses, characters, cavalry Tags
Frog Amulet
Frog Amulet Title
ca. 3000 BCE (Prololiterate) Period
42.1462 Accession
creature, frogamulet, steak, red Tags
Landscape with Children at Play
Landscape with Children at Play Title
1st half 19th century Period
37.222 Accession
play, children, trees, dog, red Tags
Merrymakers in an Inn
Merrymakers in an Inn Title
1630-1639 (Baroque) Period
37.1741 Accession
inn, music, red, dog, dancing, flirting, 2020holidayinvite, caravaggisti Tags
Pseudo-Panathenaic Amphora with Horse Race
Pseudo-Panathenaic Amphora with Horse Race Title
ca. 500-480 BCE (Late Archaic) Period
48.2105 Accession
black, clay, pot, red, snake Tags
Puppies under a Maple Branch
Puppies under a Maple Branch Title
ca. 1790 (Edo) Period
35.74 Accession
snow, scketch, lovely, leaves, hanging, japan, calm, playful, soft, sweet, adorable, long, red, tree, creature, edo, dogs, cute, pigs, sit, catching, without-movement, still, plain, realistic, amazing, puppies, awesome, siky, royal, silky, silly, cool, wolf, calming, feeding, aww, funny, love, black, white, farmer, super, pretty, party, creative, play, dance, fun, nude, epic, happy, painting, colorful, made, gods, creatures, greek, peaceful, inspiring, corn, simple, look, bears, baby, sketch Tags
Saint Jerome in His Study
Saint Jerome in His Study Title
1451 (Renaissance) Period
37.439 Accession
erudition, fabriano, red, meninart, tempera, goldleaf, oil, renaissance Tags
Scarab of Neferu-Re
Scarab of Neferu-Re Title
1479-1458 BCE (New Kingdom, Dynasty 18) Period
42.56 Accession
red, queens Tags
The Vision of Saint Bernard
The Vision of Saint Bernard Title
ca. 1520 (Renaissance) Period
37.652 Accession
vision, angel, italy, mountain, castle, red, blue, hand, virginmary, sfumato, florentine Tags
Turban Cover
Turban Cover Title
18th century (Ottoman) Period
83.178 Accession
embroidery, fabric, headwear, red, blue, silk, ottoman, flower, cover, turban, flowers, algeria Tags
Vase Title
1910 Period
47.665 Accession
sinuous, red, blue Tags
盆持てる女 (Waitress with a Red Tray)
盆持てる女 (Waitress with a Red Tray) Title
1920 Period
95.882 Accession
red Tags