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Aegis with the Head of Sekhmet
Aegis with the Head of Sekhmet Title
ca. 945-715 BCE (Third Intermediate Period, 22nd-23rd Dynasty) Period
57.540 Accession
aegis, gold, creature, artwork, smallobjects, reninstaw Tags
Bell Krater with Dionysiac Scenes
Bell Krater with Dionysiac Scenes Title
ca. 440 BCE (Classical) Period
48.74 Accession
satyr, krater, dionysus, thyrsus, bottomsup, reninstaw Tags
Boundary Stone
Boundary Stone Title
1099-1082 BCE (Middle Babylonian) Period
21.10 Accession
profile, rock, stone, babylon, smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Buddha Preaching
Buddha Preaching Title
3rd century CE Period
25.266 Accession
top, buddha, bain, chinese1127, strikeapose, gandhara, schist, urna, ushnisha, drapery, buddhist, buddhism, gandharan, sculpture, smvaw, reninstaw, reninstasia Tags
Burial Urn
Burial Urn Title
600-850 CE (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.41 Accession
guatemala, quiche, sculpture, clay, ceramic, earthenware, urn, funerary, funeralurn, burial, death, ritual, sacred, paint, face, southamerica, ancient, americas, osaka, frog, momias, reninstaw Tags
Covered Food Container
Covered Food Container Title
6th-5th century BC Period
54.2182 Accession
smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Dancing Figure Whistle
Dancing Figure Whistle Title
300 BCE-200 CE Period
2009.20.29 Accession
earthenware, dance, mexico, figure, reninstaw Tags
Funerary Stele of Tembu
Funerary Stele of Tembu Title
ca. 1500-1470 BCE (New Kingdom, early 18th dynasty) Period
22.92 Accession
eye, horus, teacher, resource, kit, loveandmarriage, beautysecrets, mark, reninstaw Tags
Head of King Amasis
Head of King Amasis Title
ca. 560 BCE (Late Period) Period
22.415 Accession
encountering, smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Isis with Horus the Child
Isis with Horus the Child Title
ca. 680-640 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.416 Accession
invincible, loveandmarriage, nice, notallbabies, amoresytraiciones, smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Male Votive Figure of Baal
Male Votive Figure of Baal Title
early 2nd millennium BCE (Middle Bronze Age (MB I/II A)) Period
54.788 Accession
syria, figurine, reninstaw Tags
Medallion with Alexander the Great
Medallion with Alexander the Great Title
ca. 215-243 CE (Imperial Roman) Period
59.1 Accession
military, olympic, pigs, smallobjects, price, smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Model of a River Boat
Model of a River Boat Title
ca. 2050 BCE (Middle Kingdom) Period
VO.1 (22.18, 22.19, 22.225) Accession
boat, people, rowing, teacher, resource, kit, boats, egypt, seafever, momias, art, reninstaw Tags
Osiris Title
ca. 580-550 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.551 Accession
teacher, resource, kit, loveandmarriage, amoresytraiciones, strikeapose, smvaw, reninst, reninstaw Tags
Panel Portrait of a Man
Panel Portrait of a Man Title
late 1st century CE (Roman Imperial) Period
32.3 Accession
meninart, momias, retratos, muerteyvida, fayum, phonewallpapers, smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu)
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu) Title
883-859 BCE (Neo-Assyrian) Period
21.8 Accession
joseph, brummer, man, wings, stone, creature, genius, king, cuneiform, feet, shoes, pattern, assyrian, nimrud, genie, relief, assyria, beautysecrets, schoolofmagic, strikeapose, smvaw, reninstaw, whatthehellcananyonejustaddtags, hedoesnothaveshoeswhoeveraddedthattagiswrong Tags
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus Title
ca. 190 CE (Roman Imperial) Period
23.31 Accession
spectacular, sculptures, satyr, giraffe, marble, lateantique, latin, rome, elephant, india, panther, bacchus, dionysus, lion, sarcophagus, snake, lizard, dionysian, skullsandbones, roman, putti, muerteyvida, bottomsup, notallbabies, amoresytraiciones, overthetop, discoveries602, smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Tile: Captive Nubian Chieftain
Tile: Captive Nubian Chieftain Title
ca. 1300-1150 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
48.409 Accession
encountering, reninstaw Tags
Tunic Panel
Tunic Panel Title
600-900 CE Period
2011.20.6 Accession
reninstaw Tags
Volute Krater for a Warrior
Volute Krater for a Warrior Title
ca. 320-310 BCE (Early Hellenistic) Period
48.86 Accession
krater, classical, greek, hades, reninstaw, hermes Tags
Votive Female Figurine
Votive Female Figurine Title
3rd-2nd century BCE Period
25.249 Accession
offering, votive, smvaw, reninstaw Tags
Wine Beaker
Wine Beaker Title
12th-11th century BC (Shang) Period
54.2183 Accession
chineseporcelain2021, smvaw, reninstaw Tags