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Amulet with the Names of Amenophis III (1388-1351/1350 BCE) and Queen Tiye
Amulet with the Names of Amenophis III (1388-1351/1350 BCE) and Queen Tiye Title
1388-1351 BCE (New Kingdom, Dynasty 18) Period
42.67 Accession
god, eroded, royal Tags
Charles Dikran Kelekian
Charles Dikran Kelekian Title
1910 Period
37.2656 Accession
art, boy, charles, dikran, great, work, hat, awesome, portrait, mary, cassatt, fine, dignified, squinty-nose, drawing, impressionism, american, kind, nice, japonisme, cool, fabulous, good, lonely, unfinished, royal, sad, detailed, self-portrait, gloomy, incomplete, handsome, interesting, beautiful, fashion, games, love, ladies, realistic, neat, amazing, cute, normal, but, look, color, happy, baby, tie, kiss, expressive, discoveries602 Tags
Esterhazy Marriage Collar
Esterhazy Marriage Collar Title
ca. 1611 (Baroque) Period
44.586 Accession
jewels, royal, wedding, marriage, love, flowers, flower Tags
Hydria Depicting a Wedding Procession
Hydria Depicting a Wedding Procession Title
ca. 520 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.33 Accession
vase, wedding, good, cool, amazing, love, horse, pretty, war, bloody, pattern, ordinary, epic, lovely, surprising, nice, old, wow, gods, heros, greek, schoolart, chariot, romance, beautiful, sweet, royal, historical, guns, black, parade, arts, really, pot, hedes, murder, interesting, knight, cute, anime, wonderful, wine, hydria, beauty, fire, taste, nude, people, though, items, terracota, art Tags
Louis XVIII Title
1815 Period
38.24 Accession
royal, portrait, miniature Tags
Model for a Royal Jewel Cabinet
Model for a Royal Jewel Cabinet Title
1787 Period
65.20 Accession
harding, royal, cabinet, furniture, wood, queen, wax, jewel, model, caryatids Tags
Oil Lamp with Bound Prisoner
Oil Lamp with Bound Prisoner Title
1st century BCE-2nd century CE (Meroitic) Period
54.1549 Accession
lamp, royal, prisoner Tags
Puppies under a Maple Branch
Puppies under a Maple Branch Title
ca. 1790 (Edo) Period
35.74 Accession
snow, scketch, lovely, leaves, hanging, japan, calm, playful, soft, sweet, adorable, long, red, tree, creature, edo, dogs, cute, pigs, sit, catching, without-movement, still, plain, realistic, amazing, puppies, awesome, siky, royal, silky, silly, cool, wolf, calming, feeding, aww, funny, love, black, white, farmer, super, pretty, party, creative, play, dance, fun, nude, epic, happy, painting, colorful, made, gods, creatures, greek, peaceful, inspiring, corn, simple, look, bears, baby, sketch Tags
Vase with Landscape Scenes
Vase with Landscape Scenes Title
1866 Period
48.1799 Accession
vase, royal, park, gold, sevres, artblooms, parisworldfair Tags