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Emperor Wearing a Toga
Emperor Wearing a Toga Title
1st century CE; Restored head: 18th century (Roman Imperial) Period
23.226 Accession
walking, teacher, resource, kit, ruler, toga, marble, missingarm, vidic, christian, ruby, shoes, old, stone, paper, roman, llama, alz525 Tags
Owl Pendant
Owl Pendant Title
19th century Period
44.481 Accession
creature, owl, pendant, animal, jewelry, enamel, tourmaline, ruby, gold, diamond, pearl, goldstrapwork, baroquepearls Tags
Pair of Cockatoos
Pair of Cockatoos Title
early 20th century Period
57.1913 Accession
creature, faberge, topaz, gold, ivory, enamel, ruby, animals, birds, tropical, sculpture Tags
Pendant with the Crucifixion
Pendant with the Crucifixion Title
late 15th century (Late Medieval) Period
57.654 Accession
silver, german, ruby Tags