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At Sea
At Sea Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.135 Accession
ship, sea, ocean, boat, storm, waves, seafever Tags
Boat-Shaped Salt Cellar
Boat-Shaped Salt Cellar Title
ca. 1575-1600 (Renaissance) Period
48.1361 Accession
boat, gold, marine, creature, seafever Tags
Christ on the Sea of Galilee
Christ on the Sea of Galilee Title
1854 Period
37.186 Accession
boat, sea, ship, ocean, storm, religious, seafever Tags
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Coast near Villers
Coast near Villers Title
ca. 1859 Period
37.993 Accession
century, baskets, coast, france, gun, horses, painting, sand, sea, troyon, beach, ocean, seafever, msd4419 Tags
Coastal Scene
Coastal Scene Title
2nd half 19th century Period
37.2741 Accession
seafever Tags
Crab Title
ca. 1818-1843 (late Edo) Period
54.1364 Accession
seafever, msd4419 Tags
Crab Title
ca. 1818-1843 (late Edo) Period
54.1365 Accession
creature, seafever Tags
Door Knocker with Neptune
Door Knocker with Neptune Title
ca. 1575-1585 (Renaissance) Period
54.3 Accession
neptune, seafever Tags
Dutch Ships in High Seas off the Dutch Coast
Dutch Ships in High Seas off the Dutch Coast Title
1660-1669 (Baroque) Period
37.340 Accession
storm, seascape, marine, ships, seafever Tags
Long-Beaked Jug with Paper Nautilus
Long-Beaked Jug with Paper Nautilus Title
1420-1370 BCE (Late Helladic IIIA1) Period
48.2098 Accession
greek, teacher, resource, kit, seafever Tags
Lost Illusions
Lost Illusions Title
1865-1867 Period
37.184 Accession
boat, academic, dream, greek, cupid, myth, sombre, seafever, teachersandstudents Tags
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Title
1480-1485 (Renaissance) Period
37.1036 Accession
maryvmq, seafever, renaissance Tags
Model of a River Boat
Model of a River Boat Title
ca. 2050 BCE (Middle Kingdom) Period
VO.1 (22.18, 22.19, 22.225) Accession
boat, people, rowing, teacher, resource, kit, boats, egypt, seafever, momias, art Tags
Nautical Ring
Nautical Ring Title
1893 Period
57.1123 Accession
gold, aquamarine, ring, jewelry, tiffany, mermaid, seafever Tags
Neptune Title
ca. 1575 (Renaissance) Period
54.2441 Accession
beefy, seafever Tags
Neptune with a Seahorse
Neptune with a Seahorse Title
ca. 1590 (Renaissance) Period
54.49 Accession
creature, neptune, seafever Tags
On the Atlantic
On the Atlantic Title
19th century Period
37.2477 Accession
ocean, sea, waves, boat, seascape, storm, atlantic, seafever Tags
Pomander in the Shape of a Ship
Pomander in the Shape of a Ship Title
1550-1625 (Baroque) Period
44.464 Accession
seafever, boat, enamel Tags
S. Y. Narada
S. Y. Narada Title
1905 Period
37.1685 Accession
seafever Tags
Seascape Title
ca. 1900 Period
37.306 Accession
seafever Tags
Ships at Sea
Ships at Sea Title
1660-1669 (Baroque) Period
37.2499 Accession
seascape, mercantile, marine, ship, trade, storm, dutch, flags, sails, sky, landscape, clouds, sailing, sea, ocean, painting, oilpainting, netherlands, baroque, seafever Tags
Shipwreck in a Storm
Shipwreck in a Storm Title
1629 (Baroque) Period
37.877 Accession
seascape, sombre, protestant, seafever Tags
Spice Cellar in the Shape of a Ship
Spice Cellar in the Shape of a Ship Title
ca. 1400 Period
54.2501 Accession
ship, spices, wheels, italian, seafever, asian, eurpoe, europe, spicetrade Tags
Stemmed Kylix with Cuttlefish
Stemmed Kylix with Cuttlefish Title
14th century BCE (Late Helladic IIIA2) Period
48.211 Accession
seafever Tags
Sunset on the Coast
Sunset on the Coast Title
ca. 1870-75 Period
37.120 Accession
sunset, boat, waves, sail, orange, ocean, seafever, seascape Tags
The Beach at Fécamp
The Beach at Fécamp Title
1875 Period
37.2641 Accession
landscape, seafever Tags
Triptych: Waga kantai daishori: Kaiyoto oki ni tekikan o uchishizumu
Triptych: Waga kantai daishori: Kaiyoto oki ni tekikan o uchishizumu Title
1894 (Meiji) Period
95.688 Accession
seafever Tags
Venice Title
ca. 1874 Period
37.196 Accession
seafever, veduto, venice, canvas, spanish Tags
Venice, Evening
Venice, Evening Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.158 Accession
venice, boat, water, sunset, seafever, harbor Tags
Venice, Midday
Venice, Midday Title
1868 Period
37.167 Accession
seafever Tags
Venice, Morning
Venice, Morning Title
ca. 1864 Period
37.157 Accession
seafever, venice, realism, harbor Tags
Venus and Neptune
Venus and Neptune Title
ca. 1882 Period
37.198 Accession
contrast, antipodal, shoes, seafever, animal Tags
Vessel in the Shape of a Fish
Vessel in the Shape of a Fish Title
ca. 1590-1600 (Renaissance) Period
41.92 Accession
fish, milan, sarachi, rockcrystal, seafever Tags