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Ewe and Lamb
Ewe and Lamb Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1619 Accession
animals, drawing, sheep, cute Tags
Floor Mosaic Fragment with Fish in a Roundel
Floor Mosaic Fragment with Fish in a Roundel Title
2nd-3rd century (Roman) Period
43.19 Accession
dog, dogs, fish, water, cat, cats, cow, lamb, cows, lambs, sheep, baby, art, mom, body Tags
Large Plate with a Pastoral Scene
Large Plate with a Pastoral Scene Title
Ca. 1720 or ca. 1750-1775 (Baroque) Period
48.1759 Accession
plate, pastoral, dog, sheep, landscape, baroque Tags
Little Shepherdess and Flocks
Little Shepherdess and Flocks Title
ca. 1867 (?) Period
37.1625 Accession
creature, sheep, landscape, animals, goat, dog, girl, shepherdess, watercolor Tags
Pastoral Title
ca. 1730 Period
37.391 Accession
animals, sheep, shepherdess, pastoral, cow Tags
The Sheepfold, Moonlight
The Sheepfold, Moonlight Title
1856-1860 Period
37.30 Accession
creature, moon, nocturnal, sheep, shepherd, pasture, evening, dusk, light, mysterious, beach, lonely, dog Tags
Winged Hypnos
Winged Hypnos Title
4th-3rd century BC Period
48.291 Accession
sleep, wing, sheep, cupid Tags