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Byodo-in Temple in Winter
Byodo-in Temple in Winter Title
1860-1870 (Edo-Meiji) Period
35.148 Accession
calming, money, snow, winter, cool, love, awesome, beautiful, aww, warm, gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, fogy, nice, peaceful, cold, reilgion, epic, simple, lovely, tree, house, neat, snowy, pretty, death, kamari, mountain, temple, clouds, screen, kyoto, wow, great, sad, prettyish, white, japan, war, frozen, ice, icecream, art, barn, goldy, asia, living, cat, chilly, falling, sleep, home, panel, baby, dragon, blood Tags
Dutch Interior
Dutch Interior Title
ca. 1840 Period
37.144 Accession
cat, animal, genre, dutch, kitchen, sleep Tags
Italian Peasant Kneeling with Child
Italian Peasant Kneeling with Child Title
1825-1905 Period
37.1380 Accession
italian, peasant, child, baby, woman, religion, sleep, french, mother, iove, love Tags
Little Girl Drowsing Over Her Drawing (Portrait of Jennie Walters?)
Little Girl Drowsing Over Her Drawing (Portrait of Jennie Walters?) Title
1859 Period
37.1626 Accession
girl, child, drawing, sleep, cute, crying Tags
Man in Night Dress
Man in Night Dress Title
1804-1866 Period
37.1424 Accession
man, sleep, drawing Tags
The Christ Child
The Christ Child Title
1849 Period
37.178 Accession
child, white, sleep, plants Tags
Winged Hypnos
Winged Hypnos Title
4th-3rd century BCE Period
48.291 Accession
sleep, wing, sheep, cupid Tags