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Buddha Title
ca. 600 Period
54.3025 Accession
top, shining, big-ears, smile, buddhism, indian, lotus, sit, buddha, bronze , peace, lotos Tags
Head of a Goddess
Head of a Goddess Title
second half 6th century BCE (Archaic) Period
23.242 Accession
head, goddess, smile Tags
Linga with One Face ("Ekamukhalinga")
Linga with One Face ("Ekamukhalinga") Title
ca. 500 CE Period
25.250 Accession
staute, shiva, head, god, woman, indian, smile, hair, sandstone, pink, stone Tags
Maskette Title
1200-900 BC (Early Formative) Period
48.2773 Accession
pierced, ears, smile, eyes, design Tags