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Archangel Michael and the Crossing of the Red Sea
Archangel Michael and the Crossing of the Red Sea Title
mid 19th century (Modern) Period
36.13.1 Accession
sword, wings, soldier, shoes Tags
Bashi-Bazouk Singing
Bashi-Bazouk Singing Title
1868 Period
37.883 Accession
orientalism, soldier, music, singing, french, gerome, musician, mandolin, raen, raven Tags
Four Leaves from a Shahnama
Four Leaves from a Shahnama Title
741 AH/AD 1341 Period
W.677 Accession
combat, armor, painting, red, weapon, soldier, people, horses, characters, cavalry Tags
Head of a Soldier
Head of a Soldier Title
n.d. Period
37.1585 Accession
distinguished, drawing, french, graphite, head, mustache, plume, soldier, uniform, cap, vernet Tags
News from Home
News from Home Title
1856-1857 Period
37.85 Accession
soldier, war, reading, weapon, gun, scottish, man Tags
Old Infantryman
Old Infantryman Title
1862 Period
37.1611 Accession
watercolor, man, soldier, weapon, gun, old Tags
Old Wounded Soldier
Old Wounded Soldier Title
1851 Period
37.1641 Accession
soldier, walking, man, watercolor Tags
Toy Mounted Knight
Toy Mounted Knight Title
13th-14th century (Medieval) Period
54.2476 Accession
toy, soldier, creature, bronze, medieval Tags