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An Arab Sheik
An Arab Sheik Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.173 Accession
arab, orientalism, weapon, elder, man, portrait, bayonne, sombre, sheik, sword Tags
Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Interior Title
1650-1670 (Baroque) Period
37.2809 Accession
sombre, genre, working, kitchen Tags
Lost Illusions
Lost Illusions Title
1865-1867 Period
37.184 Accession
boat, academic, dream, greek, cupid, myth, sombre, seafever, teachersandstudents Tags
Portrait of Estelle Balfour
Portrait of Estelle Balfour Title
1863-1865 Period
37.179 Accession
sad, woman, trees, sombre, blind Tags
Shipwreck in a Storm
Shipwreck in a Storm Title
1629 (Baroque) Period
37.877 Accession
seascape, sombre, protestant, seafever Tags