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Boat-Shaped Earring with Sphinx
Boat-Shaped Earring with Sphinx Title
ca. 350-325 BC (Late Classical) Period
57.1733A Accession
creature, hope, cool, grace, aww, sphinx, earring, decorative, wings Tags
Oedipus and the Sphinx
Oedipus and the Sphinx Title
1864 Period
37.9 Accession
century, creature, myth, sphinx, nude, man, riddle, neoclassicism, teacher, resource, kit, ingres, mythology, oedipus, woman, animal, gamesoflife Tags
Plate with a Gorgoneion
Plate with a Gorgoneion Title
ca. 600 BCE (Early Archaic) Period
48.215 Accession
creature, sphinx, plate, losthero Tags
Snake Goddess
Snake Goddess Title
16th century BCE or early 20th century (Late Minoan or modern) Period
23.196 Accession
sphinx Tags