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Amun-Re Title
ca. 945-715 BCE (Third Intermediate Period, 22nd dynasty) Period
57.1417 Accession
statue, horus Tags
Aphrodite Loosening Her Sandal
Aphrodite Loosening Her Sandal Title
332-30 BC (Hellenistic) Period
54.921 Accession
sculpture, statue, art, greek, lady, newdancemove Tags
Architecture Title
18th-19th century Period
27.458 Accession
marble, medici, nude, statue, grace, allegory Tags
Bloodletter with Standing Human Figure Handle
Bloodletter with Standing Human Figure Handle Title
1200-900 BCE (Early Pre-Classic) Period
29.7 Accession
statue Tags
Ganesha Title
1st half 11th century (Pala) Period
25.49 Accession
belly, dancing, elephant, god, hindu, sculpture, made, indian, religion, religious, statue, trunk, ganesha, bihar, lobby, holy, cow, ganesh, vinayak, bain, india Tags
Horse Title
ca. 700 BC (Late Geometric) Period
54.2378 Accession
creature, horse, greek, statue Tags
Nike Title
first half 2nd century BCE (Hellenistic) Period
48.295 Accession
library, girl, jehova, angel, statue, nike, myrina, pretty, hercules, tigeratr, cool, mythical, puppy, sacajawaya, goddess, big, stf2, stf2))'()(".,,, stf2'lrsywk<'">jbtfiv Tags
Ptah Title
4th-1st century BCE (Late Period (30th dynasty)-early Ptolemaic Period) Period
54.1017 Accession
statue, egyptian Tags
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu)
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu) Title
883-859 BCE (Neo-Assyrian) Period
21.9 Accession
seated, statue, nehy, stone, nimrud, assyria, genie, relief, genius Tags
Shiva Title
1st half 13th century (BĂ yon) Period
54.2735 Accession
statue Tags
Statue of a Seated Cat
Statue of a Seated Cat Title
ca. 664-350 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.403 Accession
creature, cat, ancient, egypt, gold, statue, seated, earrings Tags
Statue of Tef-ib
Statue of Tef-ib Title
ca. 1980 BCE (Middle Kingdom) Period
22.10 Accession
statue Tags
The Archdukes Albert and Isabella Visiting the Collection of Pierre Roose
The Archdukes Albert and Isabella Visiting the Collection of Pierre Roose Title
ca. 1621-1623 (Baroque) Period
37.2010 Accession
costume, jan, monkey, collector, dogs, cute, teacher, resource, kit, flowers, statue, chamberofwonders, dwarf, amazing, pentimenti, flemish, dogsinart, mummy, discoveries602, flemishbaroque, baroque Tags
Venus Title
1st century BCE-4th century CE Period
54.957 Accession
statue Tags
Wolf with Prey
Wolf with Prey Title
9th-8th century BCE (Geometric) Period
54.2413 Accession
creature, bird, statue Tags