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Avenue to the Temple of Iyeyasa, Nikko. Mid-day Sun.
Avenue to the Temple of Iyeyasa, Nikko. Mid-day Sun. Title
1886 Period
37.917 Accession
american, japan, watercolor, landscape, trees, temple, tiffany Tags
Blossoming Cherry Trees
Blossoming Cherry Trees Title
ca. 1600-1650 (Momoyama or Edo) Period
35.113 Accession
amazing, battle, beautiful, hope, nice, tree, library, home, lonely, love, cool, lovely, outdoors, trees, inspiring, calm, japenese, cherry, cherrytree, cherryful, great, cherries, beauty, nature, sleepy, peaceful, different, pretty, good, relaxing, flowing, prettyish, dark, plant, asian, art, sketch, calming, flowingly, open, minded, white, bass, cats, cute, pink, living, flower, awesome, wonderful, daisy, epic, lamb, little, black, old, cow, wow, picture, poor, looks, artistic, artwork, new, refreshing, windy, stylish, really, baby, map, ink, gold Tags
Château of St. Cloud
Château of St. Cloud Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.886 Accession
french, grandsire, park, promenade, victorian, watercolour, trees Tags
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Effect of Autumn, Fontainebleau
Effect of Autumn, Fontainebleau Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.43 Accession
autumn, landscape, trees Tags
Forest of Fontainebleau, Autumn
Forest of Fontainebleau, Autumn Title
1871 Period
37.64 Accession
autumn, forest, trees, storm Tags
Forest Scene
Forest Scene Title
second half 19th century Period
37.1259 Accession
drawing, forest, trees, water, stream Tags
Imaginary View with Ruins
Imaginary View with Ruins Title
early 19th century Period
37.2627 Accession
landscape, trees, movement, romanticism Tags
Indians on the Trail
Indians on the Trail Title
Before 1878 Period
37.915 Accession
hunting, man, drawing, trees, trail, native, american, indian, pain, painful, tamohawk, tracking Tags
Landscape Title
early 20th century Period
37.2603 Accession
landscape, trees Tags
Landscape Title
19th century Period
37.2622 Accession
landscape, trees, water, sky Tags
Landscape in Scotland
Landscape in Scotland Title
ca. 1878 Period
37.2625 Accession
landscape, scotland, mountains, sky, light, trees, romanticism, memorytour, landscapes, mac2019 Tags
Landscape with a Scene of Witchcraft
Landscape with a Scene of Witchcraft Title
1620-1644 (Baroque) Period
37.1145 Accession
rule-breakers, witchcraft, dog, trees, fire, sky, halloween, landscapes, magictour Tags
Landscape with Children at Play
Landscape with Children at Play Title
1st half 19th century Period
37.222 Accession
play, children, trees, dog, red Tags
Landscape with Fisherman and a Young Woman
Landscape with Fisherman and a Young Woman Title
1769 Period
37.839 Accession
trees, sky, water, fishing, french, rococo, romantic, peace, landscapes Tags
Landscape with Mosque
Landscape with Mosque Title
19th century Period
37.96 Accession
mosque, landscape, architecture, trees, boats, water Tags
Landscape with Stone Bridge
Landscape with Stone Bridge Title
2nd half 19th century Period
37.1566 Accession
drawing, landscape, trees, bridge Tags
Leaf from Hokusai Manga
Leaf from Hokusai Manga Title
1814 (?) (late Edo) Period
95.151 Accession
woodblock, print, japan, japanese, trees, drawing, carving, hokusai, manga Tags
Les Platanes en Hiver, Route de Nice
Les Platanes en Hiver, Route de Nice Title
n.d. Period
37.2423 Accession
drawing, landscape, trees, line Tags
Mother and Children Shelling Peas
Mother and Children Shelling Peas Title
1861-1865 (?) Period
37.1617 Accession
mother, child, family, children, vegetables, drawing, food, trees Tags
Mountain and River Scene
Mountain and River Scene Title
1859 Period
37.1558 Accession
mountain, river, landscape, trees, drawing, beautiful, american Tags
On the Potomac
On the Potomac Title
1850 Period
37.2539 Accession
landscape, local, mountains, trees, river, potomac, american, waterfall, seascapes, birches, ocean Tags
Pair of Pine Tree Vases
Pair of Pine Tree Vases Title
1878-84 Period
VO.16 (47.381, 47.382) Accession
vase, glass, trees Tags
Portrait of Estelle Balfour
Portrait of Estelle Balfour Title
1863-1865 Period
37.179 Accession
sad, woman, trees, sombre, blind Tags
Writing Box with Mountain Scenery
Writing Box with Mountain Scenery Title
19th century Period
67.123 Accession
trees, birds, mountain Tags