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Adoration of the Shepherds
Adoration of the Shepherds Title
ca. 1615 (Baroque) Period
37.277 Accession
genoese, tenebrusm, respect, franciscan, chiaroscuro, tenebrism, baby, csa, visitors, notallbabies, navidad, caravaggisti Tags
Allegory of the Element Earth
Allegory of the Element Earth Title
ca. 1580 (Renaissance) Period
37.2363 Accession
lion, monkey, rabbit, food, italy, dog, earth, heaven, eden, fruit, vegetables, bounty, thanksgiving, venetian, ecce homo pedro orrente, harvest, cat, carpet, dogsinart, visitors, msd4419 Tags
Entering the Harem
Entering the Harem Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.82 Accession
orientalism, harem, sheik, islamic, moorish, carpet, palace, visitors, africanancestryineuropeanart, other Tags
Hospitality of Abraham
Hospitality of Abraham Title
ca. 1600 (Early Modern) Period
37.1185 Accession
visitors, byzvir, byzvir611, 2020holidayinvite Tags
My Sister Is Not In
My Sister Is Not In Title
1879 Period
37.86 Accession
roman, neoclassical, women, hiding, sister, alz525, visitors, amoresytraiciones, strikeapose Tags
Sappho and Alcaeus
Sappho and Alcaeus Title
1881 Period
37.159 Accession
greek, music, sappho, neoclassical, neoclassicism, kythara, visitors, womennude, reninst19 Tags
Supper at Emmaus
Supper at Emmaus Title
1530-1540 (Renaissance) Period
37.610 Accession
eating, drinking, mountains, encountering, visitors, africanancestryineuropeanart, patrickstour Tags
The Annunciation
The Annunciation Title
ca. 1430 (Renaissance) Period
37.448 Accession
annunciation, tempera, gold, altarpiece, predella, florentine, matteodigiovanni, csa, visitors, vbs18, provenance, navidad, renaissance, ri923 Tags
The Hopeless Case
The Hopeless Case Title
1871 Period
37.182 Accession
shoe, boot, cobbler, visitors Tags