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Esterhazy Marriage Collar
Esterhazy Marriage Collar Title
ca. 1611 (Baroque) Period
44.586 Accession
jewels, royal, wedding, marriage, love, flowers, flower Tags
Hydria Depicting a Wedding Procession
Hydria Depicting a Wedding Procession Title
ca. 520 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.33 Accession
vase, wedding, good, cool, amazing, love, horse, pretty, war, bloody, pattern, ordinary, epic, lovely, surprising, nice, old, wow, gods, heros, greek, schoolart, chariot, romance, beautiful, sweet, royal, historical, guns, black, parade, arts, really, pot, hedes, murder, interesting, knight, cute, anime, wonderful, wine, hydria, beauty, fire, taste, nude, people, though, items, terracota, art Tags
Oinochoe with a Female Head
Oinochoe with a Female Head Title
ca. 330 BCE (Hellenistic) Period
48.2762 Accession
wedding Tags
Peasant Wedding Dance
Peasant Wedding Dance Title
1607 (Baroque) Period
37.364 Accession
flemish, music, pieter, wedding, loveandmarriage, 2020holidayinvite, dance Tags
Repairing Robes
Repairing Robes Title
1700-1825 Period
35.20 Accession
wedding Tags
The Marriage at Cana
The Marriage at Cana Title
1766 (Late Baroque) Period
37.1919 Accession
wedding, modello, devotional, baroque, oil, canvas, bologna Tags
The Sailor's Wedding
The Sailor's Wedding Title
1852 Period
37.142 Accession
wedding, baltimore, classes, spitoon, african-american, groom, bride, encountering Tags
Wedding Procession
Wedding Procession Title
1825-1850 Period
W.883 Accession
wedding Tags