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"Homme au tutu"
"Homme au tutu" Title
n.d. Period
37.2792 Accession
ballet, bizarre, campy, drawing, man, tutu, watercolor, creature, creepy, shoes, wings, boots, beard, gesture, crossdresser, hare, silly, baby, slim, big-nose, water, naked, humpback, backlight, french, dark, cross-dressing, humor, prosper mérimée, france Tags
Archangel Michael and the Crossing of the Red Sea
Archangel Michael and the Crossing of the Red Sea Title
mid 19th century (Modern) Period
36.13.1 Accession
sword, wings, soldier, shoes Tags
Boat-Shaped Earring with Sphinx
Boat-Shaped Earring with Sphinx Title
ca. 350-325 BC (Late Classical) Period
57.1733A Accession
creature, hope, cool, grace, aww, sphinx, earring, decorative, wings Tags
Bulla with Daedalus and Icarus
Bulla with Daedalus and Icarus Title
5th century BCE (Late Archaic-Classical) Period
57.371 Accession
jewelry, etruscan, gold, myth, craftsman, labdanum, pendant, icarus, daedalus, bulla, wings Tags
Quarter-Stater of Alexander III
Quarter-Stater of Alexander III Title
311-305 BCE (Early Hellenistic) Period
59.702 Accession
coin, gold, hellenistic, macedonia, wings Tags
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu)
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu) Title
883-859 BCE (Neo-Assyrian) Period
21.8 Accession
joseph, brummer, man, wings, stone, creature, genius, king, cuneiform, feet, shoes, pattern, assyrian, nimrud, genie, relief, assyria, beautysecrets, schoolofmagic, strikeapose, smvaw, reninstaw, whatthehellcananyonejustaddtags, hedoesnothaveshoeswhoeveraddedthattagiswrong Tags
Winged Nymph with Harp and Doves
Winged Nymph with Harp and Doves Title
mid 18th century Period
27.5 Accession
creature, wings Tags