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Exterior of a Church
Exterior of a Church Title
1864 Period
37.1388 Accession
church, prayer, watercolor, landscape, worship Tags
Portable Buddhist Shrine
Portable Buddhist Shrine Title
10th-12th century (Sung) Period
61.266 Accession
buddism, buddist, carved, china, portable, shrine, wood, teacher, resource, kit, ancient, chinese, religion, worship, philosophy, chinese1031 Tags
The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer
The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer Title
1863-1883 Period
37.113 Accession
christian, creature, martyr, murder, rome, roman, lion, persecution, greek, tiger, last, prayer, martyrs, gerome, gautier, crowd, stadium, knaus, worship Tags
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile Title
ca. 1650 Period
W.887 Accession
awesome, clarisse, better, fish, god, ouch, ocean, creature, king, art, animals, bloody, sweet, giraffe, great, battle, beauty, elephant, amazing, touching, educational, imaginative, prettyish, scary, okay, cool, croc, love, sad, blood, war, danger, birds, worship, faithfull, pretty, miniature, colorful, sitting, creative, funny, beaked, attack, deathbattle, artifact, wow, tag, animal-attack, viking, knoing, indian, so_many_flowers, death, evil, flowers, butterfly, lion, masud Tags