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Block Statue of Nes-Min (Sminis)
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Block Statue of Nes-Min (Sminis)

Description Conservation Provenance Inscription Credit
Description This black granite sculpture depicts a squatting figure with knnees drawn up and arms folded on the knees.
Date Description Narrative
Provenance [Excavated, Karnak Cachette, nos. CK413/K453]. Dikran Kelekian, New York and Paris [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Henry Walters, Baltimore, 1912, by purchase; Walters Art Museum, 1931, by bequest.
Inscriptions [Inscription, four vertical rows and one horizontal row] An offering which the king gives [to] Amon-re, the lord of the thrones of the Two Lands, chief of Epet (Karnak), and Ptah, Soker, and Osiris, who is in the Holy Place, that they may give a funerary offering of bread, beer, oxen, and fowl, unguent, clothing, and alabaster (oil jars) to the prophet-priest of Amon-re, king of the gods, the divine father of Ptah of Memphis and Hathor, who is in Thebes, [to] Nes-Min (Sminis), the blessed, son of a man with the same titles, the divine father and prophet-priest of Amun in Epet-sewet, Yah-mose, son of Ptah-mer-Amun (?), the blessed, born of the lady, the chantress of Amon-re, Dis-Amun.
Credit Acquired by Henry Walters, 1912

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946-736 BCE (Third Intermediate Period)
black granite
Accession Number
H: 14 7/16 in. (36.7 cm)
  • Egypt, Karnak, Karnak Cachette (Place of Discovery)
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