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Portrait of a Woman
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Portrait of a Woman

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Description Small portraits of those to whom one was connected by family, friendship, or political allegiance were treasured first as likenesses and second as works of art. Just as today, a "good" photo of someone is one that "looks like" the person. They were often given as gifts. They could be hung in a decorative arrangement or kept in a cabinet and taken out to be contemplated. Some were worn as pendants.
Provenance Abraham Jay Fink, Baltimore [no. A-147]; A. Jay Fink Foundation, Inc., Baltimore, 1963, by bequest; Walters Art Museum, 1963, by gift.
Credit Gift of the A. Jay Fink Foundation, Inc., in memory of Abraham Jay Fink, 1963

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1610-1620 (Baroque)
oil on copper
Accession Number
2 in. (5.08 cm)
  • Belgium (Place of Origin)
  • Netherlands, Holland (Place of Origin)


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