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Potted Calamus and Pleasure Rock
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Potted Calamus and Pleasure Rock

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Description "Some rocks are strange and eccentric, formed by nature's cuts, some grasses are young and tender, green from winter to summer" begins Zhangqi's [Chang Ch'i's] long poem. The large rock and the planter must be imagined sitting "before a clear window on an uncluttered desk." The rest of the poem is devoted to the praise of the "divine sprouts" of the calamus growing in the planter. Its leaves are hung over doorways at the time of the annual dragonboat festival, and its dried rootlets have numerous medicinal uses. The seals Zhangqi [Chang Ch'i] impressed upon his painting suggest something of his character. They read, "Having no worldly desires" and "Mountain master of vegetable roots."
Provenance Kaikodo, New York [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Walters Art Museum, 1996, by purchase.
Inscriptions Zhang Xiaocun Wanshi penchang tu [Chang Hsiao-ts'un Wan-shih p'en-ch'ang T'u]. (Picture of Calamus in Basin and Rock for Enjoyment by Zhang Xiaocun [Chang Hsiao-ts'un] Zhangqi [Chang Ch'i]); Zhang Xiaocun penshi tu [Chang Hsiao-ts'un P'en-shih T'u] (Picture of Basin by Zhang Xiaocun [Chang Hsiao-ts'un] Zhangqi [Chang Ch'i]); Caiken shanzhang [Ts'ai-ken shan-chang] (Mountain Master of Vegetable Roots); Liyuan Zhongye she shoucang yinji [Li-yüan chung-yeh shih shou-ts'ang yin-chi] (Collecting seal of Liyuan Zhengye [Li-yüan chung-yieh]); [Signature] Xiaocun [Hsiao Ts'un]; [Signature] Zhangqi Tanbai [Chang Ch'i Tan-pai] (or Tanbo [Tan-po]) - Having no worldly desires
Credit Museum purchase, 1996

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1738 (Qing)
ink and color on paper
(Painting & Drawing)
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W: 14 13/16 x L: 31 15/16 in. (37.7 x 81.1 cm)
  • China (Place of Origin)
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