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Portrait of a Woman (with her Husband)
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Portrait of a Woman (with her Husband)

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Description Double portraits of a husband and wife from middle-class families, not just the aristocracy, were more popular in the Dutch Republic than elsewhere in Europe, in part because of the higher status of women. Such portraits, commissioned for the home, honored family members by preserving their likenesses and reflecting their social positions through attire-here, elegant but conservative costumes of silk and lace complemented by pearls from the East Indies. Their body language suggests their respective roles. The man's hand on his hip with elbow out expresses his assertive, protective role towards his wife. Hendrik was the son of the famous artist Abraham Bloemaert. The father did no portraits, thinking it no challenge to copy what was in front of him, but Hendrik was known for his portraits as well as for religious and peasant subjects.
  • Going for Baroque. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1995-1996.
Provenance Justice James A. Murnaghan, Dublin; Walters Art Museum, 1973, by gift [from the Dr. Francis D. Murnaghan Fund].
Credit Gift of the Dr. Francis D. Murnaghan Fund, 1973

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1647 (Baroque)
oil on panel
(Painting & Drawing)
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66 15/16 x 30 13/16 in. (170 x 78.2 cm)

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