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Kylix with Boar Hunting Scene
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Kylix with Boar Hunting Scene

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Description Aristocratic youths honed their athletic and military skills through the hunt. On this "kylix" (a shallow cup for drinking wine), a youth's triumphant success in bringing down a boar imitates the well-known imagery of the hero Meleager, who, among his exploits, hunted the Calydonian boar. The youth wears typical hunting attire: a broad-brimmed hat, cloak, and a short sword in a scabbard slung about his waist. He holds two spears, one of which is tipped with blood, and stretches his cloak to the side as he gazes down at his dying prey. Above the figure is an inscription that reads, "Aristarchos Kalos," meaning "Aristarchos is handsome." Such vase inscriptions were popular in the male-centered world of Classical Athens.
Date Description Narrative
5/18/1959Treatmentloss compensation; coated
  • In Search of Ancient Treasure: 40 Years of Collecting. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1978.
Provenance Hesperia Art, Philadelphia, [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Walters Art Museum, 1959, by purchase.
Inscriptions [Transcription, Greek] In tondo: APISTAPXOΣ KAΛOΣ [Translation] Aristarchos (is) beautiful.
Credit Museum purchase, 1959

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ca. 480 BCE (Classical)
terracotta; red figure
Accession Number
3 7/16 x 9 5/8 in. (8.8 x 24.5); width with handles: 12 1.2 in. (31.7 cm)


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