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Water Vessel
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Water Vessel

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Description This type of water pot for washing brushes is named for sharing the shape of a beehive or chicken-coop (domed bamboo baskets with a small opening on top for feeding chicks). Beehive washers have wide round feet, domed body, and a short narrow neck with rounded rim. A peach bloom glaze covers the washer; note the uniform light red speckled with deeper apple reds. The neck of this example is mottled with light apple green. Three medallions incised in the porcelain before firing appear on the sides and depict stylized dragons coiled among clouds. The finest of peach bloom wares date to the latter half of the Kangxi reign (1662-1722), produced at the Imperial kilns at Jingdezhen. The glaze's delicate modulation of color suited its application on sets of petite porcelains for the scholar's writing table.
  • Masterpieces of Chinese Porcelain. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1980-1981.
Provenance Acquired by William T. or Henry Walters, Baltimore; by bequest to Walters Art Museum, 1931.
Inscriptions [Reign Mark] In blue underglaze: da qing kang xi nian zhi
Credit Acquired by William T. or Henry Walters

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1710-1722 (Qing)
porcelain with peach bloom glaze
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H: 3 3/8 × Diam: 4 15/16 in. (8.5 × 12.6 cm)
  • China (Place of Origin)
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