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Cylinder Seal
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Cylinder Seal

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Description Although the Achaemenids used stamp seals for private documents, cylinder seals continued to be used for official royal business. This seal depicts the king fighting a lion-griffin in two scenes. First, he engages in close combat with the lion-griffin. Second, the king, standing on a reclining sphinx, aims his bow at the mythical beast, also standing on a sphinx. Between them is the benign god Ahura Mazda in an oval cartouche, with a winged disk above.
Date Description Narrative
5/28/1970Treatmentcleaned; other
4/01/1983Treatmentcleaned; other
  • Ancient Persia: The Art of an Empire. University Art Museum, University of Texas at Austin, Austin; The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1978.
Provenance Henry Walters, Baltimore, [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Sadie Jones (Mrs. Henry Walters), New York, 1931, by inheritance; Joseph Brummer, Paris and New York, 1941, by purchase; Walters Art Museum, 1941, by purchase.
Credit Museum purchase [formerly part of the Walters Collection], 1941

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550-330 BC (Achaemenid)
(Precious Stones & Gems)
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H: 1 1/8 x Diam: 9/16 in. (2.8 x 1.4 cm)
  • Iran (Place of Origin)


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