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Hospitality of Abraham
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Hospitality of Abraham

Description Conservation Exhibitions Provenance Credit
Description This majestic painting was created for a large iconostasis, a screen separating the altar sanctuary from the nave in Orthodox churches. Here, Abraham and Sarah sacrifice a calf to honor their guests, who reveal themselves as angels (Genesis 18:1-10). Christian theologians interpreted the three angels as Old Testament precursors of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so the icon is inscribed "The Holy Trinity". The meal that the angels bless mirrors the sacrament of the Lord's Supper celebrated behind the iconostasis during the Divine Liturgy.
Date Description Narrative
8/01/1939Treatmentcoated; other
5/01/1942Treatmentrepaired; loss compensation; coated; other
7/02/1952Treatmentcleaned; coated
12/03/1954Treatmentcleaned; loss compensation; coated; other
10/30/1959Treatmentloss compensation
2/16/1965Treatmentloss compensation
9/21/1965Examinationexamined for exhibition
11/27/2003Examinationexamined for condition
3/16/2004Technical Reportx-ray fluorescence
3/18/2004Technical Reportother
8/27/2004Treatmentcleaned; loss compensation; coated; other
  • Russian Art: Icons and Decorative Arts from the Origin to the Twentieth Century. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1959-1960.
  • Fabergé and the Russian Crafts Tradition: An Empire's Legacy . The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. 2017-2018.
Provenance Alexandre Polovtsoff (Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Polovtsov), Paris, by purchase; Henry Walters, Baltimore, 1922, by purchase; Walters Art Museum, 1931, by bequest.
Credit Acquired by Henry Walters, 1922

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ca. 1600 (Early Modern)
tempera on wood
(Painting & Drawing)
Accession Number
H: 60 13/16 × W: 50 1/8 × D: 2 1/4 in. (154.5 × 127.3 × 5.65 cm)

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