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Seated Buddha in
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Seated Buddha in "Maravijaya"

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Description Sukhothai-tradition images of Sihing type range from classical restraint to images in which one or another feature seems excessively dominant, and in which there is a quality that borders on parody. This image approaches the parodic. The misplacement of the head, which had been broken at the neck, exaggerates the eccentricity. The sculpture could be looked upon as one of the very last productions of a Sukhothati workshop: the face draws on the Sukhothai ideal, and other features- such as the mantle and the position of the right hand- follow Sukhothai rather than Sihing conventions. But the spreading pedestal and the schematic indication of folds in front of the ankles link it to the Nakhon Si Thammarat tradition.
  • Unearthly Elegance: Buddhist Art from the Griswold Collection. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1995.
Provenance Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand; Alexander B. Griswold, Monkton, January 20, 1951, [presented to the Breezewood Foundation, 1985, inv. no. 609]; Walters Art Museum, 1992, by bequest.
Inscriptions none
Credit Bequest of A. B. Griswold, 1992

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15th-16th century (Ayutthaya)
leaded zinc bronze
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at knees: 13 7/16 x 7 11/16 in. (34.2 x 19.5 cm)
Location Within Museum
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