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Bowl with faces on two sides
Bowl with faces on two sides Title
AD 1-700 (Early Intermediate) Period
48.2855 Accession
Canteen-shaped Bottle
Canteen-shaped Bottle Title
AD 600-800 (Middle Horizon) Period
2009.20.105 Accession
earthenware, nasca-wari, peru Tags
Dish with Bean Imagery
Dish with Bean Imagery Title
200-300 CE (Early Intermediate Phases II-III) Period
2009.20.110 Accession
Effigy Vessel of a Seated Figure with Long Tunic
Effigy Vessel of a Seated Figure with Long Tunic Title
1-650 CE (Early Intermediate) Period
48.2831 Accession
Fisherman Vessel
Fisherman Vessel Title
200 BCE-600 CE Period
48.2865 Accession
Libation Vessel (Qero)
Libation Vessel (Qero) Title
AD 550-650 (Early Intermediate) Period
2009.20.90 Accession
Lobster Effigy Vessel
Lobster Effigy Vessel Title
AD 300-600 (Early Intermediate Phases IIII-IV) Period
2009.20.55 Accession
peruvian, anime, creature, lobster Tags
Stirrup-spout Bottle
Stirrup-spout Bottle Title
200-500 CE Period
2009.20.109 Accession
Stirrup-Spouted Bottle
Stirrup-Spouted Bottle Title
450-650 CE (Early Intermediate (Phase 6)) Period
2009.20.28 Accession
nazca, muerteyvida Tags
Tunic Title
400-600 CE Period
2011.20.1 Accession
Tunic Border Piece
Tunic Border Piece Title
100-200 CE Period
2011.20.5 Accession