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"Cul de Lampe" Head of a Bearded Man
"Cul de Lampe" Head of a Bearded Man Title
1459-1481 (late Medieval-Renaissance) Period
27.17 Accession
"L'Amour et l'AmitiƩ"
"L'Amour et l'AmitiƩ" Title
1783 Period
27.504 Accession
sculpture, french, love, friendship, cherub, woman, grace, fatbabyarms Tags
"Surtout de table": Bear Hunt
"Surtout de table": Bear Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.183 Accession
creature, grace, aww, hope, cool, notlove, sleuth, bears, beaten, edbm Tags
"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt
"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.175 Accession
ouch, animal, bronze, sculpture, elk, hunt, creature, unusual, odd, different, something, mongolia, edbm Tags
"Surtout de table": Lion Hunt
"Surtout de table": Lion Hunt Title
1834-1897 Period
27.174 Accession
lion, hunt, broze, bronze, sculpture, horse, creature, edbm Tags
"Surtout de table": Python Killing a Gnu
"Surtout de table": Python Killing a Gnu Title
1834-1839 Period
27.152 Accession
creature Tags
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt Title
1834-1836 Period
27.176 Accession
century, amazing, weird, elephant, animal, bronze, tiger, hunt, creature, grace, aww, cool, edbm Tags
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.178 Accession
jesus, bull, animal, hunt, bronze, sculpture, creature, grace, aww, cool, hope, soilders, armour, shield, horse, edbm Tags
"Venus" (Seated Woman)
"Venus" (Seated Woman) Title
after 1769 Period
27.306 Accession
nude, venus, sculpture, marble, myth, woman, grace, aww, hope, roses, quiver, drapery, love Tags
"Xantil" Incense Burner Effigy Lid
"Xantil" Incense Burner Effigy Lid Title
AD 1200-1521 (Postclassic) Period
2009.20.188 Accession
nice, mixteca, puebla, pueblo, earthenware, clay, sculpture, veracruz, mexico, ancientamerica, ancientamericas, southamerica, oaxaca, incense, incenseburner, effigy, man, figure Tags
A Bodhisattva
A Bodhisattva Title
15th century Period
F.190 Accession
A Fighting Titan
A Fighting Titan Title
13th century Period
F.164 Accession
A Lion and a Leopard Attacking Animals
A Lion and a Leopard Attacking Animals Title
5th-3rd century BC Period
21.71 Accession
A Roman Emperor
A Roman Emperor Title
1710-1740 Period
27.532 Accession
marble, sculpture, french, roman, royalty Tags
A Votive Figurine
A Votive Figurine Title
3rd-2nd century BC Period
25.249 Accession
offering, votive Tags
Abbot Title
1470-1480 (Renaissance) Period
27.318 Accession
Acrobat Effigy Stirrup Spout Vessel
Acrobat Effigy Stirrup Spout Vessel Title
900-200 BC (Early Horizon-Early Intermediate) Period
2009.12.11 Accession
carved, effigy, acrobat, vessel, peru, ancient, americas, southamerica, sculpture, spout, chavin, clay, ceramic, earthenware, backbend, arch, moche Tags
Acroterion Title
19th century Period
25.67 Accession
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Title
ca. 1515 (Renaissance) Period
27.219 Accession
adam, rule, breakers, rule-breakers, eve, adameve, adam-eve, dellarobbia, snake, medici, pope, goodvsevil, dellarobia, workshop, renaissance Tags
Adam and Eve (Temptation)
Adam and Eve (Temptation) Title
1520-1560 (Renaissance) Period
27.325 Accession
Adorant Title
early 20th Century Period
25.240 Accession
African Elephant Running
African Elephant Running Title
19th century Period
27.55 Accession
french, sculpture, bronze, cute, elephant, animal, creature Tags
After the Bath
After the Bath Title
early 19th century Period
27.386 Accession
Agni with Celestial Attendant
Agni with Celestial Attendant Title
ca. 950-1000 Period
25.248 Accession
Agony in the Garden
Agony in the Garden Title
1460-1470 (Renaissance) Period
27.589 Accession
Algerian Dromedary
Algerian Dromedary Title
19th century Period
27.102 Accession
camel, animal, bronze, sculpture, desert, creature, cast Tags
Allegorical Figure or Muse
Allegorical Figure or Muse Title
1725-1769 Period
27.291 Accession
painting, sculpture, stone, allegorical, figure, muse, baroque Tags
Allegory of Harmony and Peace
Allegory of Harmony and Peace Title
1725-1769 Period
27.292 Accession
Allegory of Knowledge of Things
Allegory of Knowledge of Things Title
1725-1769 Period
27.290 Accession
allegory, knowledge, woman, sculpture, stone Tags
Amazon Title
ca. 440 BC (Classical-Roman) Period
23.92.1 Accession
losthero Tags
Amorous Couple (Mithuna)
Amorous Couple (Mithuna) Title
ca. 500 Period
25.252 Accession
Amun and Mut Seated
Amun and Mut Seated Title
ca. 746-335 BC (Late Period) Period
22.65 Accession
Amun Seated on Throne
Amun Seated on Throne Title
1550-1292 BC (New Kingdom) Period
22.70 Accession
Angel Title
1740-1760 Period
27.571 Accession
angel, sculpture, wood, book Tags
Angel Bearing a Candle
Angel Bearing a Candle Title
2nd half 13th century (Medieval) Period
27.581 Accession
Aniconic Idol
Aniconic Idol Title
3000-2000 BC (Early Bronze Age) Period
23.218 Accession
prehistoric, cycladic Tags
Ankh-ef-en-Sekhmet Entertained by a Harpist
Ankh-ef-en-Sekhmet Entertained by a Harpist Title
ca. 550-525 BC (Late Period) Period
22.38 Accession
music Tags
Annunciation Title
1425-1430 (Late Gothic) Period
27.301 Accession
Annunciation Title
ca. 1450-1490 (Late Medieval) Period
27.309 Accession
Antefix in the Form of a Theatrical Mask
Antefix in the Form of a Theatrical Mask Title
1st century BC-AD 4th century Period
23.202 Accession
mask Tags
Antoine Louis Barye
Antoine Louis Barye Title
1875 Period
27.416 Accession
Anubis Standing
Anubis Standing Title
ca. 600 BC (Late Period; Saite) Period
22.240 Accession
Ape Riding a Gnu
Ape Riding a Gnu Title
modeled ca. 1840 Period
27.121 Accession
ape, animals, bronze, sculpture, french, creature Tags
Aphrodite Title
330-146 BC Period
23.99 Accession
Apollo and Artemis
Apollo and Artemis Title
ca. 50 BC (Late Hellenistic-early Roman) Period
23.7 Accession
myth, losthero Tags
Apollo and Herakles Fighting Over the Tripod
Apollo and Herakles Fighting Over the Tripod Title
AD 1st-2nd century (Imperial) Period
23.164 Accession
Apollo Victorious over the Python
Apollo Victorious over the Python Title
1591 (Renaissance) Period
27.302 Accession
arrows, bow, archery, sagitarrius, apollo, naked, weird, for, just Tags
Arab Horseman Killing a Boar
Arab Horseman Killing a Boar Title
first issued ca. 1862 Period
27.179 Accession
arab, orientalism, boar, horse, animal, creature Tags
Arab Horseman Killing a Lion
Arab Horseman Killing a Lion Title
19th century Period
27.158 Accession
horse, lion, arab, orientalism, sculpture, bronze, hunt, creature Tags
Arayori (A Peasant Woman)
Arayori (A Peasant Woman) Title
ca. 1915 (Taisho) Period
25.2 Accession
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