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"Rhyton" with Griffins
"Rhyton" with Griffins Title
3rd-2nd century BC (Ptolemaic) Period
48.368 Accession
faience, griffins, vessel, make, really, cool, period, drinking-horn, gryphons, egypt, ahorn, gay, fun, sexy, harambe, datboi, lookatthisdood, weird, dab, stuipid, naked, tripledab, woman, hey, bill, nye, the, science, guy, bil, art, stop, adding, tags, cut, brok, ceramic, lol, edbm Tags
"Senet" Game Piece
"Senet" Game Piece Title
1550-712 BC (New Kingdom-Third Intermediate Period) Period
1997.13.2 Accession
oldkingdom, price, gay Tags
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great Title
late 4th-3rd century BC (Hellenistic) Period
71.493 Accession
ugly, gay, fat, great Tags
Amulet of the Goddess Taweret
Amulet of the Goddess Taweret Title
ca. 350 BC (Late Period) Period
48.1555 Accession
gay Tags
Apis, Bull of Memphis
Apis, Bull of Memphis Title
664-332 BC (Late Period) Period
54.418 Accession
gay Tags
Aquamanile in the Form of a Dwarf Centaur
Aquamanile in the Form of a Dwarf Centaur Title
1450-1500 (Late Medieval) Period
54.62 Accession
aquamanile, candleholder, centaur, bronze, german, syrian, creature, dwarf, gay, nasty, edbm Tags
Beaked Pitcher
Beaked Pitcher Title
1st century Period
54.947 Accession
creature, griffin, child-god, eros , water, wine, oinochoe, bronze, silver, roman, beaked, pitcher, gay, edbm Tags
Block Statue of Ankh-pekhred
Block Statue of Ankh-pekhred Title
380-340 BC (Late Period) Period
22.178 Accession
vidic, christian, gay Tags
Bull's Head
Bull's Head Title
1550-1185 BC (early New Kingdom) Period
42.191 Accession
bull, gay Tags
Male Dwarf and Child
Male Dwarf and Child Title
ca. 3750-3250 BC (Predynastic) Period
71.533 Accession
creature, bob, gay Tags
Mirror Support in the Form of Bes
Mirror Support in the Form of Bes Title
664-30 BC (Late Period-Greco-Roman) Period
48.1537 Accession
creature, gay, naked Tags
Sarcophagus with Victories
Sarcophagus with Victories Title
ca. AD 210 (Imperial) Period
23.36 Accession
gay, sarcophagus, touchtour Tags