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Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, R.A., O.M.

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'Twixt Venus and Bacchus
'Twixt Venus and Bacchus Title
1882 Period
37.974 Accession
fountain, mirror, angels, victoire, fine, marble Tags
A Roman Emperor: 41 AD
A Roman Emperor: 41 AD Title
1871 Period
37.165 Accession
roman, royalty, murder, military, caligula, gratus, claudius, caesonia, hermaeum, rome, teachersandstudents, strikeapose Tags
My Sister Is Not In
My Sister Is Not In Title
1879 Period
37.86 Accession
roman, neoclassical, women, hiding, sister, alz525, visitors, amoresytraiciones, strikeapose Tags
Portrait of a Sailor
Portrait of a Sailor Title
ca.1858 Period
37.2663 Accession
dark, african, encountering Tags
Sappho and Alcaeus
Sappho and Alcaeus Title
1881 Period
37.159 Accession
greek, music, sappho, neoclassical, neoclassicism, kythara, visitors Tags
The Blind Beggar
The Blind Beggar Title
1856 Period
37.2761 Accession
charity, genre Tags
The Triumph of Titus: AD 71, The Flavians
The Triumph of Titus: AD 71, The Flavians Title
1885 Period
37.31 Accession
walking, rome, toga, emperor, jerusalem, neoclassical, candelabra, old, past, claudius, perilousfight Tags
Xanthe and Phaon
Xanthe and Phaon Title
1883 Period
37.973 Accession