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 L'Offrande Lyrique
L'Offrande Lyrique Title
1925 Period
92.1063 Accession
turkish Tags
"Bonbonnière" with a Regatta Scene
"Bonbonnière" with a Regatta Scene Title
ca. 1783 Period
57.259 Accession
french, village, palace, boats, water Tags
"Bonbonnière" with Portraits of Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin Louis XVII
"Bonbonnière" with Portraits of Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin Louis XVII Title
1789 Period
57.236 Accession
portrait, royalty, french, flemish, ivory, miniature, sapphic, queen, slav Tags
"Cul de Lampe" Head of a Bearded Man
"Cul de Lampe" Head of a Bearded Man Title
1459-1481 (late Medieval-Renaissance) Period
27.17 Accession
"Homme au tutu"
"Homme au tutu" Title
n.d. Period
37.2792 Accession
ballet, bizarre, campy, drawing, man, tutu, watercolor, creature, creepy, shoes, wings, boots, beard, gesture, crossdresser, hare, silly, baby, slim Tags
"Homme en Grande Bottes"
"Homme en Grande Bottes" Title
n.d. Period
37.2790 Accession
watercolor, drawing, creature, shoes, boots, nose, shadow Tags
"L'Amour et l'Amitié"
"L'Amour et l'Amitié" Title
1783 Period
27.504 Accession
sculpture, french, love, friendship, cherub, woman, grace Tags
"La Source" Pendant and Necklace
"La Source" Pendant and Necklace Title
ca. 1902 Period
57.941 Accession
french, jewelry, nouveau, woman, flowers, grace, amber, games, buddha, miners, nudes, flower, necklace, pendant Tags
"Le Militaire"
"Le Militaire" Title
n.d. Period
37.2791 Accession
watercolor, paper, grace, 1870, cool, aww, military, commander, hat, plume, sword, caricature, uniform Tags
"Surtout de table": Bear Hunt
"Surtout de table": Bear Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.183 Accession
creature, grace, aww, hope, cool, notlove, sleuth, bears, beaten, dogsinart Tags
"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt
"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.175 Accession
ouch, animal, bronze, sculpture, elk, hunt, creature, unusual, different, mongolia, tothehunt Tags
"Surtout de table": Lion Hunt
"Surtout de table": Lion Hunt Title
1834-1837 Period
27.174 Accession
lion, hunt, broze, bronze, sculpture, horse, creature, bain, tothehunt, msd4419 Tags
"Surtout de table": Python Killing a Gnu
"Surtout de table": Python Killing a Gnu Title
1834-1839 Period
27.152 Accession
creature Tags
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt Title
1834-1836 Period
27.176 Accession
century, amazing, elephant, animal, bronze, tiger, hunt, creature, grace, aww, cool, tothehunt, waltersfamily Tags
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.178 Accession
jesus, bull, animal, hunt, bronze, sculpture, creature, grace, aww, cool, hope, leaves, armour, shield, horse, flowers, tothehunt, dogsinart Tags
"Venus" (Seated Woman)
"Venus" (Seated Woman) Title
after 1769 Period
27.306 Accession
nude, venus, sculpture, marble, myth, woman, grace, aww, hope, roses, quiver, drapery, love Tags
1814 Title
1862 Period
37.52 Accession
military, royalty, portrait, french, horse, creature, grace, aww, hope, dark, napoleon, shoes, clouds, storm, war, landscape, slouching, pale, bain, perilousfight Tags
A Bibliophile
A Bibliophile Title
1862 Period
37.1620 Accession
drawing, library, books, french, grace, aww, hope, bibliophile, study, maps, gentleman, reading, family Tags
A Bon Vinaigre
A Bon Vinaigre Title
1859 Period
37.1462 Accession
watercolor, french, drawing, children, walking, grace, aww, hope, fence, piggyback, responsibility, sacrifice, baby Tags
A Cook
A Cook Title
1862 Period
37.1505 Accession
watercolor, eating, food, cook, woman, red, apron, knife, kitchen, copper, basket, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, leek, turnip Tags
A Florentine Lady
A Florentine Lady Title
ca. 1892 Period
71.446 Accession
costume, collar, bust, sculpture, ivory, woman, tiffany, elegance, boldness, dignity Tags
A Hercules Episode
A Hercules Episode Title
ca. 1540-1550 (Renaissance) Period
44.141 Accession
A Horse and a Woman
A Horse and a Woman Title
n.d. Period
37.2797 Accession
horse, gallery, scribble, drawing, sketch, woman, creature, hoof, shading Tags
A Nereid Sitting on a Conch Shell
A Nereid Sitting on a Conch Shell Title
ca. 1877 Period
71.425 Accession
nude, woman, naked Tags
A Patriarch
A Patriarch Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.2009 Accession
watercolor, drawing, portrait, french, man, elder, beard, turban, contemplative Tags
A Perch of Birds
A Perch of Birds Title
ca. 1880 Period
37.963 Accession
birds, watercolor, drawing, cute, french Tags
A Portrait
A Portrait Title
1852 Period
37.75 Accession
portrait, french, woman Tags
À quinze ans, moi, j'etais pas 'core formée
À quinze ans, moi, j'etais pas 'core formée Title
ca. 1855 Period
37.1459 Accession
gothic Tags
A Roman Emperor
A Roman Emperor Title
1710-1740 Period
27.532 Accession
marble, sculpture, french, roman, royalty Tags
A Roman Sacrifice
A Roman Sacrifice Title
mid 16th century (Renaissance) Period
44.147 Accession
A woman in a garden
A woman in a garden Title
1793 Period
38.3 Accession
Abraham and the Angel
Abraham and the Angel Title
mid 19th century Period
37.2718 Accession
Academic Study of a Skull
Academic Study of a Skull Title
1820s Period
37.2050 Accession
Actors Title
1855-1857 Period
37.1455 Accession
carnival Tags
Added Prayer to the Virgin from the Fieschi Psalter
Added Prayer to the Virgin from the Fieschi Psalter Title
15th century Period
W.45.291R Accession
Adoration of the Magi
Adoration of the Magi Title
1865 Period
37.1401 Accession
drawing, adoration, religious, french, jesus Tags
Adoration of the Magi
Adoration of the Magi Title
13th century Period
44.78 Accession
Aeneas Entreats Anchises to Flee from Troy
Aeneas Entreats Anchises to Flee from Troy Title
ca. 1530-1540 (Renaissance) Period
44.58 Accession
Aeneas Offers Sacrifice to the Gods of the Lower World
Aeneas Offers Sacrifice to the Gods of the Lower World Title
ca. 1530-1540 (Renaissance) Period
44.57 Accession
Aeneas, Prince of Troy
Aeneas, Prince of Troy Title
ca. 1564-1565 (Renaissance) Period
44.239 Accession
African Elephant Running
African Elephant Running Title
19th century Period
27.55 Accession
french, sculpture, bronze, cute, elephant, animal, creature Tags
African Venus
African Venus Title
1851 Period
54.2665 Accession
slavery, french, bust, sculpture, bronze, portrait, woman, venus, gold, teacher, resource, kit, beyond, african, black, beautiful, power, royalty, hair, dreadlocks, wisdom, beauty, feminine, female, strength, strong, dignity, nobility, noble, victoria, queen, african-american, invincible, bain, memorytour, encountering, retratos Tags
After the Bath
After the Bath Title
early 19th century Period
27.386 Accession
After the Storm
After the Storm Title
1844 Period
37.63 Accession
storm, sea, ocean, ship Tags
Aged Man Receiving Communion
Aged Man Receiving Communion Title
1831 Period
37.1418 Accession
watercolor, drawing, religious, communion, elder, french Tags
Aid for the Wounded (Sister of Charity)
Aid for the Wounded (Sister of Charity) Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.1413 Accession
nun, charity, waltercolor, war Tags
Alarm Clock in a Reliquary-Like Case
Alarm Clock in a Reliquary-Like Case Title
ca. 1650? (Baroque) Period
58.222 Accession
Alarm Watch with Juno
Alarm Watch with Juno Title
ca. 1620 (Baroque) Period
58.79 Accession
Algerian Dromedary
Algerian Dromedary Title
19th century Period
27.102 Accession
camel, animal, bronze, sculpture, desert, creature, cast Tags
Allegorical Figure of Europa
Allegorical Figure of Europa Title
ca. 1680 Period
38.65 Accession