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Bhairava with Goddess
Bhairava with Goddess Title
18th century Period
54.3024 Accession
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Title
1597/98 (year 719 of the era beginning 879) Period
F.166 Accession
camal, sarver Tags
Bodhisattva Lokeshvara
Bodhisattva Lokeshvara Title
9th century Period
F.165 Accession
Buddha Ratnasambhava
Buddha Ratnasambhava Title
10th-11th century Period
54.3092 Accession
Buddha Shakyamuni
Buddha Shakyamuni Title
10th century CE Period
F.192 Accession
Buddhist Deity
Buddhist Deity Title
15th century Period
F.190 Accession
Comb with Vishnu and Peacock
Comb with Vishnu and Peacock Title
18th century Period
F.174 Accession
Cover of a Bon Book
Cover of a Bon Book Title
14th century Period
F.135 Accession
Cover of a Shaiva Manuscript
Cover of a Shaiva Manuscript Title
11th century Period
F.137 Accession
Covers of a "Manjusrinamasamgiti" Manuscript
Covers of a "Manjusrinamasamgiti" Manuscript Title
12th century Period
F.142 Accession
Dancing Ganesha
Dancing Ganesha Title
15th-16th century Period
54.3011 Accession
jesus, elephant, god, hindu, creature, deity, ganesha, dancing Tags
Defeated Attendant of the Buffalo Demon
Defeated Attendant of the Buffalo Demon Title
13th century Period
F.164 Accession
Head of Bhairava
Head of Bhairava Title
late 14th-15th century Period
61.359 Accession
Hindu Goddesses
Hindu Goddesses Title
ca. 1800 Period
F.141 Accession
Krishna Title
16th century Period
F.153 Accession
vishvarupa Tags
Lakshmi Title
13th century Period
F.169 Accession
Mandala of Achala Chandamaharoshana
Mandala of Achala Chandamaharoshana Title
16th century Period
F.138 Accession
Mandala of Surya, the Sun God
Mandala of Surya, the Sun God Title
16th century Period
F.195 Accession
Mandala of Vasudhara
Mandala of Vasudhara Title
early 15th century Period
F.143 Accession
Manuscript Leaf with Three Buddhist Dieties
Manuscript Leaf with Three Buddhist Dieties Title
18th century Period
35.194 Accession
Radha Title
16th century Period
F.173 Accession
Serpent Deity (Nagaraja)
Serpent Deity (Nagaraja) Title
11th century Period
F.151 Accession
Shiva and Parvati
Shiva and Parvati Title
11th century Period
F.168 Accession
Strut with Bhairava
Strut with Bhairava Title
ca. 1700 Period
F.167 Accession
Tantric Goddess
Tantric Goddess Title
14th century Period
F.179 Accession
Tara Title
ca. 1300 Period
54.3012 Accession
aa1 Tags
Tara Title
11th century Period
F.158 Accession
Three Cosmic Buddhas
Three Cosmic Buddhas Title
16th-18th century Period
35.193 Accession
Ushnishavijaya with Stupas
Ushnishavijaya with Stupas Title
1387-88 Period
F.139 Accession
Vajravarahi Title
15th century Period
25.270 Accession
aa1, bain Tags
Vasudhara Title
16th century Period
F.156 Accession
Vessel in the Form of a Skull Cup
Vessel in the Form of a Skull Cup Title
1404 Period
54.3107 Accession
Yogi Title
12th century Period
54.3032 Accession