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Portrait of a Young Man with Fur Collar
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Portrait of a Young Man with Fur Collar

Description Conservation Provenance Inscription Credit
Description This young man is depicted in a three-quarter pose in half-lengthwith his head slightly cocked to one side, conveying the sense that he might move at any moment. In his hands are his gloves, a common social indicator of class, originally indicating that the sitter did no manual work. The fur collar of his cloak indicates his wealth. Despite its damaged condition, the painting appears to be by Marco Basaiti, a prolific painter of both portraits and religious scenes who was active in and around his native Venice at the same time as Giovanni Bellini (see Walters 37.446). For another portrait by Basiti in an American collection, see the example at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art.
Date Description Narrative
5/15/1947Treatmentcoated; inpainted; surface cleaned; varnish removed or reduced; x-ray
Provenance A. S. Drey, Munich [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Bernard Berenson, Settignano, prior to 1915 [mode of acquisition unknown]; Henry Walters, Baltimore, late 1915-early 1916 [mode of acquisition unknown]; Walters Art Museum, 1931, by bequest.
Inscriptions [Label] On reverse: Scuola | Lombarda; [Label] On reverse: 9637 | vooo moo | Cat Baud | 515; [Label] On reverse with undecipherable text except: restaure; [Label] On reverse: I. te | L.tum.; [Transcription] In blue crayon: Berenson; [Transcription] In pencil: Basaite
Credit Acquired by Henry Walters, 1915-1916

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ca. 1505 (Renaissance)
oil on wood panel
(Painting & Drawing)
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Surviving painted surface and panel H: 17 5/8 x W: 12 7/8 x D including auxiliary support but excluding cradle: 5/16 in. (44.7 x 32.7 x 0.8 cm); Modern auxiliary support H: 18 1/4 x W: 13 7/16 in. (46.3 x 34.2 cm)
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