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Circular Pendant
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Circular Pendant

Description Conservation Exhibitions Provenance Credit
Description Circular sheet edged by twisted wire and a row of granules. Eight granule triangles point inward creating an eight-petaled flower. In the center is a gold boss with a single granule circled by a smooth wire between two twisted wires. Attached at the top is a thin sheet rolled to form a tube through which a string could pass. Twisted wire is preserved at one end of the tube.
Date Description Narrative
12/12/1978Examinationexamined for condition
  • Jewelry - Ancient to Modern. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1979-1980.
Provenance Joseph Brummer, Paris and New York, [date and mode of acquisition unknown] [as part of "Jugoslavian Treasure"]; Henry Walters, Baltimore, 1927, by purchase; Walters Art Museum, 1931, by bequest.
Credit Acquired by Henry Walters, 1927

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7th-6th century BCE
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H: 1/2 in. (1.3 cm)
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