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Arrow Vase
Arrow Vase Title
1735-1795 (Qianlong) Period
49.252 Accession
vase, chinese Tags
Beaker-Shaped Vase with Four Animals
Beaker-Shaped Vase with Four Animals Title
1640-1660 (Qing) Period
49.1651 Accession
tiger, vase, acadamy, ceramics, chinese, porcelain, white, blue, pretty, grass Tags
Black-Figure Neck-Amphora
Black-Figure Neck-Amphora Title
ca. 520-510 BC (Archaic) Period
48.18 Accession
hero, chinese, nasty, vase, achilles, greek, white, diffent, chiron, cool, brown Tags
Bodhisattva Guanyin
Bodhisattva Guanyin Title
late 14th-15th century (Ming) Period
25.256 Accession
delicate, compassionate, compassion, buddhist, buddhism, religious, icon, iconography, sitting, seated, gold, 14thcentury, 15thcentury, chinese, china, sculpture, lacquer, mingdynasty, guanyinbodhisattva Tags
Calligraphy Title
17th century (Ming or Qing) Period
35.137 Accession
ink, nice, chinese-brush, ink-on-paper , li-calligraphy , characters, writing, chinese, calligraphy Tags
Camel Title
7th-8th century (T'ang) Period
49.2383 Accession
bat, camel, china, saddlebags, tiger, creature, teacher, resource, kit, teeth, humps, bactrain, chinese, earthenware, glaze, ceramics, new, cool, sancai Tags
Center of a Broken Dish with Shou Lao
Center of a Broken Dish with Shou Lao Title
1713 Period
49.1126 Accession
dish, procelain, chinese Tags
Chinese Princess
Chinese Princess Title
1726-1793 (Edo) Period
95.674 Accession
prints, chinese, japanese, princess Tags
Cup with Dragon Handles
Cup with Dragon Handles Title
12th-14th century Period
42.250 Accession
engraved, gems, precious, handles, cup, beautiful, dragon, chinese, jade, nephrite Tags
Ducks in a Lotus Pond
Ducks in a Lotus Pond Title
17th-18th century (Qing) Period
35.66 Accession
ink, chinese, beautiful, silk, seedpod, leaves, duck, birds, flower, lotus, painting Tags
Hangzhou Landscape
Hangzhou Landscape Title
18th century Period
35.13 Accession
chinese Tags
Incense Burner with Landscape Painting
Incense Burner with Landscape Painting Title
1860 or later (Edo; Meiji) Period
49.946 Accession
incense, blue, landscape, chinese Tags
Painted Fire Screen
Painted Fire Screen Title
1700 Period
37.2479 Accession
nudity, screen, acting, chinese, myth, weird, basrelief, greekmythology, mythology, curtain, fireplace, decorativearts, drama, theatrical, theater, character, caricature, decorative, oilpainting, funny Tags
Pair of Potpourri Vases (Vases pot pourri feuilles de mirte)
Pair of Potpourri Vases (Vases pot pourri feuilles de mirte) Title
ca. 1761 Period
VO.23 (48.590, 48.591) Accession
case, vase, porcelain, enamel, chinese, sevres Tags
Teapot with Landscapes
Teapot with Landscapes Title
1723-1735 Period
49.740 Accession
chinese Tags
Tray Title
1776 Period
48.730 Accession
sevres, tray, chinese Tags
Wine Vessel
Wine Vessel Title
ca. 12th century BC Period
54.2184 Accession
cup, beautiful, green, drinking, china, bronze , chinese, vessel, wine Tags