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"Le Militaire"
"Le Militaire" Title
n.d. Period
37.2791 Accession
watercolor, paper, grace, 1870, cool, aww, military, commander, hat, plume, soilder, sword, caricature, uniform Tags
Cavalry on Parade
Cavalry on Parade Title
1862 Period
37.1587 Accession
cavalry, horses, parade, flags, uniform, military, watercolor Tags
Departure of the Volunteers
Departure of the Volunteers Title
n.d. Period
37.2604 Accession
century, crowd, departure, french, group, guns, hats, jubilation, march, meissonier, military, procession, rifles, soldiers, swords, uniform, volunteers, watercolour, weapons Tags
Head of a Soldier
Head of a Soldier Title
n.d. Period
37.1585 Accession
distinguished, drawing, french, graphite, head, mustache, plume, soldier, uniform, cap, vernet Tags
Portrait of Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck
Portrait of Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck Title
1890 Period
37.1007 Accession
old, chancelor, uniform, seated Tags