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Top: Eli's Sons Commit Sacrilege (1 Samuel 2:13-17)
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Top: Eli's Sons Commit Sacrilege (1 Samuel 2:13-17)

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Description This page from Walters manuscript W.106 depicts scenes from the story of Samuel. Top: The priest Eli's sons Hophni and Phinehas were also priests at the temple, and they took sacrifices that had been made at teh temple before the fat had been burned; they wanted it raw. The sin that they committed was very great in the eyes of God. Bottom: When Samuel was weaned, Hannah and Elkanah brought him to the temple.
  • The Bible Before Luther. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1992-1993.
Provenance Léon Gruel, Paris [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Henry Walters, Baltimore, June 6, 1903, by purchase [see The Diaries of George Lucas]; Walters Art Museum, 1931, by bequest.
Inscriptions [Translation] the inscription for the TOP image has been partially cut off, but the remainder reads: ...with all the blood and they stole it. God grew angry because Eli consented to it; [Transliteration] ...od tut le sanc e l[']emblerent. deu se curuza q[ua]r heli i cunsenti. [Translation] the inscription BELOW the image reads: Elkanah and Hannah brought Samuel to the temple and offered him to God. He remained there with Eli, guarding the Ark; [Transliteration] helcana e anna porterent samuel al temple e l[']offurent a deu la remist od heli gardau[n]t l[']arche.
Credit Acquired by Henry Walters, 1903

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ca. 1250 (Medieval)
ink and pigment on parchment
(Manuscripts & Rare Books)
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H: 5 3/16 x W: 3 3/4 in. (13.2 x 9.5 cm)
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