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The Crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:26-30)
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The Crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:26-30)

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Description This page from Walters manuscripts W.106 depicts a scene from Exodus, in which the Israelites escape their bondage in Egypt. After God sent many plagues, the Pharaoh at last agreed to let the Israelites leave, but then changed his mind and pursued them. The Israelites crossed over the Red Sea, after God had made all the sea dry land. In this image, Moses used Gods power to allow the waters to return, drowning Pharaoh's army.
  • The Book of Kings: Art, War, and the Morgan Library's Medieval Picture Bible. The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore; Academy Art Museum, Easton; Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton; The Mitchell Gallery, Annapolis; Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown. 2002.
Provenance Léon Gruel, Paris [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Henry Walters, Baltimore, June 6, 1903, by purchase [see The Diaries of George Lucas]; Walters Art Museum, 1931, by bequest.
Inscriptions [Translation] Moses led the people of Israel through the Red Sea. Pharaoh pursued them, found the sea open, found the path and entered. When Moses had brought his people across, he returned there and struck the sea. It closed and drowned the Pharaoh and all his host; [Transliteration] Moises amena le peple de irael p[ar]mi la ruge mer. pharaon les pursiwi, truva la mer overte e truva chemi e entre. quant moyses aveit passe sun people i se returna e feri en la mere ele clot & nea pharao[n] e tut sun ost.
Credit Acquired by Henry Walters, 1903

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ca. 1250 (Medieval)
ink and pigment on parchment
(Manuscripts & Rare Books)
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H: 5 3/16 x W: 3 3/4 in. (13.2 x 9.5 cm)
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