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Gospels Title
1666 Period
W.544 Accession
armenian, gospel, armenia Tags
Gospels of Georg Alexief
Gospels of Georg Alexief Title
17th century Period
W.546 Accession
armenian, armenia, cilicia Tags
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I Title
Gun: 1732/33; Miquelet lock: 1861/62 (Ottoman) Period
51.84 Accession
gun, writing, pen, jewels, spoon, diamond, diamonds, sparkly, firearm, hunting, jeweled, bejeweled, tothehunt, price, armenian, discoveries602, pleasegetmoreculturalknowledgeonthis Tags
Silver Gospels
Silver Gospels Title
1488 Period
W.542 Accession
armenian, armenia Tags
Tile with the Great Mosque of Mecca
Tile with the Great Mosque of Mecca Title
17th century (Ottoman) Period
48.1307 Accession
medieval, kelekian, teacher, resource, kit, islam, mihrab, kaaba, islamic, muslim, religious, turkish, ottoman, mecca, ceramic, blue, armenian, armeniancraft, allah, spanningempires Tags