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Boat-Shaped Earring with Sphinx
Boat-Shaped Earring with Sphinx Title
ca. 350-325 BC (Late Classical) Period
57.1733A Accession
creature, hope, cool, grace, aww, sphinx, earring, decorative, wings Tags
Desk with Animals and Decoration
Desk with Animals and Decoration Title
early 19th century Period
71.429 Accession
furniture, animals, wood, ivory, decorative Tags
Lusterware Plate with Bird Motif
Lusterware Plate with Bird Motif Title
11th century (Medieval) Period
48.2036 Accession
round, ceramics, glaze , earthenware, decorative, motif, bird, plate, lusterware, egyptian Tags
Painted Fire Screen
Painted Fire Screen Title
1700 Period
37.2479 Accession
nudity, screen, acting, chinese, myth, basrelief, greekmythology, mythology, curtain, fireplace, decorativearts, drama, theatrical, theater, character, caricature, decorative, oilpainting, funny, rococo Tags