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'Twixt Venus and Bacchus
'Twixt Venus and Bacchus Title
1882 Period
37.974 Accession
fountain, mirror, angels, victoire, fine, marble Tags
Nereid Title
1869 Period
27.108 Accession
creature, sculpture, bronze, nude, woman, mirror, animal, paris Tags
Opera Philosophica
Opera Philosophica Title
ca. 1480 (Renaissance) Period
W.364 Accession
memory, mirror, catalina, rewriting, approach, arch, reason, laws, literature, beckersriad, abubakr, ibnalburd, beu, rome, tibur, rubicon, reordering, mens, reminder Tags
Winged Griffin Nibbling on Sacred Tree
Winged Griffin Nibbling on Sacred Tree Title
8th-7th century BCE (Neo-Assyrian) Period
71.1171 Accession
creature, nimrud, ivory, griffin, mirror Tags
Woman Before a Mirror
Woman Before a Mirror Title
1930 Period
95.890 Accession
mirror Tags