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Blossoming Cherry Trees
Blossoming Cherry Trees Title
ca. 1600-1650 (Momoyama or Edo) Period
35.113 Accession
amazing, battle, beautiful, hope, nice, tree, library, home, lonely, love, cool, lovely, outdoors, trees, inspiring, calm, japenese, cherry, cherrytree, cherryful, great, cherries, beauty, nature, sleepy, peaceful, different, pretty, good, relaxing, flowing, prettyish, dark, plant, asian, art, sketch, calming, flowingly, open, minded, white, bass, cats, cute, pink, living, flower, awesome, wonderful, daisy, epic, lamb, little, black, old, cow, wow, picture, poor, looks, artistic, artwork, new, refreshing, windy, stylish, really, baby, map, ink, gold Tags
Brushwasher in the Form of a Leaf on Ivory and Wood Stand
Brushwasher in the Form of a Leaf on Ivory and Wood Stand Title
18th-19th century Period
49.1212 Accession
china, teacher, resource, kit, nature, flora Tags
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Dish with Chrysanthemums and Peonies
Dish with Chrysanthemums and Peonies Title
1720-1730 Period
49.1239 Accession
plate, nature, flowers, phonewallpapers Tags
Hawk Attacking Ducks
Hawk Attacking Ducks Title
1862 Period
37.1604 Accession
birds, attack, action, drawing, animals, nature Tags
Portrait of a Family
Portrait of a Family Title
1635-1640 (Baroque) Period
37.287 Accession
family, nature, forst Tags
The Catskills
The Catskills Title
1859 Period
37.122 Accession
abstract, landscape, transcendentialism, romantic, memorytour, nature, waltersfamily Tags
The Potato Harvest
The Potato Harvest Title
1855 Period
37.115 Accession
potato, realism, romantic, agrarian, nature, farming Tags
View of Savoy
View of Savoy Title
1827 Period
37.2649 Accession
nature, mountains Tags